Inclusion Solutions LLC is pleased to share resources to build the capacity of faith-based schools to meet the needs of neurodivergent students.

School leaders are encouraged to share the resources with their staff.

Widen the Circle

Widening the Circle is a series of professional development starters that are designed to introduce school staff to a variety of evidence-based strategies. Each of the issues of Widen the Circle can be downloaded in a PDF version or the link can be shared with school staff.

Prayer Resources

Be with Me, Lord: A Collection of Prayers for the Catholic Educator is a compilation of prayer and prayer services to support Catholic schools in executing their mission. This resource contains specific prayers for supporting students with disabilities. See the pdf below.

Professional Learning Offerings

This resource outlines the professional development programs that Inclusion Solutions LLC offers to faith-based schools. Each one of the programs can be customized to meet the individual needs of the organization.

Resources for Change

Change Management Through a Ministerial Lens: A path for approaching change management in faith-based schools is a resource that outlines implementing change in Church-based organizations. Suggestions for implementation, as well as barriers to change, are outlined.