Speech and Language Pathology: The Basics and School-Age Communication Disorders

Welcome to the exciting world of Speech-Language Pathology!

The Basics: This FREE course aims to cover significant aspects such as recognizing the crucial role of a Speech Language Pathologist, identifying appropriate times to refer a student for speech and language screening, and equipping teachers with the necessary tools to support students with communication disorders in the classroom.

Next, we're thrilled to have you on board for the course on School Age Communication Disorders. Learn the fundamental concepts of speech and language, as well as common school-age disorders. By grasping these basics, you'll understand the impact of school-aged communication disorders.

These two Prep-Time PD courses are available at an introductory rate of $25.00. Learn more about the role of the SLP who supports the students in your classroom!

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School Age Communication Disorders

  • 25.00