EANS Funding

Inclusion Solutions is a contracted vendor with the Arizona Department of Education


Add support services provided by Inclusion Solutions staff

Purchase adaptive equipment to increase engagement

Address interventions from a data-based approach to inform instruction

Address learning loss with educational programs

Provide specialist support to students with specific academic needs

Build a learning lab equipped with a learning specialist and adaptive equipment to support learning loss

Develop programs for health and wellness as students work to recover from the pandemic

Inclusion Solutions has partnered with schools to make a difference!

Jewish Elementary School

A community focused on faith and love builds a program to support learning loss through interventions specifically targeting reading and math skills for struggling learners. A collaborative approach with a learning specialist, school administrators, and faculty targets foundational skills for successful student growth.

Catholic Elementary School

Interventions provided in a timely manner along with a high-quality curriculum provide students the time to learn and practice skills. A Catholic elementary school used EANS funding to hire an intervention specialist with Inclusion Solutions. This principal knows that struggling students need the support of specialists who understand the learning process and how to strengthen the foundations for learning. Academic growth is tracked with data and adjustments are made in Tier 1 instruction when needed. A strong foundation is key for students as we recover from the pandemic.

Catholic High School

Supporting struggling learners looks like a welcoming community where all students belong. This school used the funding to develop a program that included Catholic Accommodation Plans for students struggling with the academic demands of the rigorous curriculum. The faculty were trained to support students in the classroom and a learning lab provides an additional resource room where students can have 1:1 or small group support.