Welcome to Inclusion Solutions!

Welcome to Inclusion Solutions!

For all of the teachers, administrators, leaders, and practitioners that work hard to include students with learning differences, we want to thank you for your hard work! At Inclusion Solutions, LLC, we want to help schools develop structures that are student and community-centered. If this sounds like your school, maybe we help you achieve greater success.

Crystal and I have a goal to deliver resources, content, and encouragement to schools interested in creating environments that work for all types of learners! Our goal is to help private and charter schools become inclusive. We can support public schools, but it’s the private and independent charter schools without special education personnel, resources, and structures in place that we can help the most. Crystal and I have decades of experience between us in areas that best support practitioners, teachers, and leaders in non-public environments and independent charter schools. Our experiences have culminated into a partnership that provides a powerful support system for schools needing guidance and assistance.

I first learned about Crystal Brooks when I was assistant superintendent of Catholic schools in Phoenix, AZ. Crystal worked at the State department at the time as Lead Program Specialist for Professional Development, and her background was as a speech & language pathologist and public school special education practitioner. She then became the director of a pediatric therapy clinic in Scottsdale, and that’s when we really started working together. Many schools in the diocese referred families to her clinic for therapies, and Crystal became a go-to for professional development and teacher training in our schools. Our official partnership began in 2018 when we co-authored a book (Setting the Table: A Guide for Diversified Learner Program Development in Catholic Schools, which was published in October of 2019 by the National Catholic Education Association) and developed this consulting company.

I have been a teacher (junior high and high school), a principal (elementary and high school), and assistant superintendent. I have also had an interesting journey as a parent of a neurotypical child and a child with autism. I have learned so much from my colleagues, from the sons’ teachers, from my students and their families—and I believe in the value of diversified learning environments for the betterment of everyone! From a mission perspective, I believe we were all created with special gifts and talents, that each of us is unique and has something to teach to others. Also, learning about communication, compassion, generosity, patience, and joy go beyond subject-specific content and involve the interactions of the people in our communities—ALL KINDS of people in our communities!

We hope you will check back for new blog posts and browse our website. If we pique your interest, we’d love to partner with you!