The LiveBinder!

The “Back to School” season took on a different feeling this school year. COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the public and private educational system in every state. Administrators and teachers are flooded with resources, tools, professional development, and curriculum to address the needs of students and families during this challenging time. It's times like these when it is important to recognize what schools already do and what already works, then fill in any gaps. Colleen and I were called upon to provide professional development to Diocesan leaders and teachers, focusing on filling in those gaps.

Administrators are working so very hard to provide the best resources for teachers, whose jobs have become more complex. Teaching online, on campus, in a hybrid model, focus on SEL, use UDL, collect data, don’t give too much homework, fine-tune assessment, manage PPE, and on and on! It is exhausting!

So, what do teachers and administrators need? They need quick access to resources that can help each person fill in the gaps in their knowledge and skills. A LiveBinder was born! Through webinars and the NCEA, we have had the pleasure of sharing this valuable resource with Diocesan leaders and educators across the country. We welcome you to check out this great tool frequently, as it is truly “live” and will evolve as research and evidence-based practices are shared.

We hope you find this tool effective!